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Natural Healing Calamansi Ginger Tea 175g (Less Sugar)

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Prevention is the key to good health! 

Natural Healing Calamansi Ginger Tea 175g (Less Sugar) Heaven's Heart

Our Calamansi & Ginger powder are 100% locally produced and fresh from farmers of Northern Luzon. Heaven's Heart believes in sourcing fresh ingredients and supporting our local farmers.

Natural Healing Calamansi Ginger Tea 175g (Less Sugar) Heaven's Heart

The fresh ingredients are dried using a spray drying technology to ensure maximum retention of nutrients

Calamansi Ginger Tea is your all around cure-all herbal blend.

Calamansi has good amounts of minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin C which is essential to building immunity. It provides immunity against viral and bacterial infections. Drinking this juice on a regular basis helps build immunity against the common cold, flu and fever.

Ginger is among the healthiest herb in the world. It’s been used to aid digestion, reduce nausea, and help fight the flu and common cold. Due to its strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. To add, ginger also boosts the immune system.

Calamansi & Ginger combined is known to be "The Cough Healing Tea" & best paired with honeyThe herbal combination is also known for many incredible health benefits.

Natural Healing Calamansi Ginger Tea 175g (Less Sugar) Heaven's Heart

Health Benefits of Calamansi Ginger Tea:

✔ Strengthens the Immune System

✔ Lowers Risk of Infections

✔ Helps in Weight Loss

✔ Helps Prevent Tooth Decay, Bleeding Gums, Gingivitis

✔ Helps Heal Wounds

✔ Improves Bowel Movement & Relieves Constipation

✔ Improves Memory & Protect Against Alzheimer’s Disease

✔ Prevents Cancer

✔ Helps Lower Cholesterol Levels

✔ Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

✔ Treats Nausea & Indigestion

✔ Relieves Joint Pain


Natural Healing Calamansi Ginger Tea 175g (Less Sugar) Heaven's Heart

 FDA License no. CFRR-NCR-FT-83673



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